What is the role of Herbalways Diets, What is the Vision of the Company?

Ans. Herbalwaysdiets is a platform to promote natural way of life by promoting Herbaldiets. Vision of the company is to make drugless healing.

What are Herbaldiets?

Herbaldiets has developed herbal nutritional diet supplements to overcome nutritional deficiencies alongwith herbal supplementations to increase immunity, strength along with internal healing power.

How Herbaldiets are formulated? Why they are so effective?

Herbaldiets are formulated to provide nutritional power along with herbal extracts, which penetrates and absorbs in the human body very effectively and showing remarkable results i.e they are very effective.

What is the role of Aloe-Dyte and Noni-Dyte?

Aloe-Dyte is known for cleansing property, has lot of healing power along with nutritional power. Noni Dyte totally alters the body, it changes the body chemistry and it can be given for anything and everything. Noni Dyte is very powerful and effective.

Are there any drugs used by Herbaldiets?

No, Herbaldiets is not using any drug, all the formulations are based on nutrition and natural herbal extracts.

Are there any steroids/Hormones in these products?

No, the steroids generally have adverse side effects, while we believe in natural herbal nutritional supplements.

What is the difference between Allopathic medicines and Herbaldiets?

Allopathic medicines are drugs & different chemicals, whereas Herbaldiets are a natural source which helps to strengthen and clean the body system.

Do we need to consult the doctor before starting these diets?

No, As these are natural Herbaldiets helps to increase immunity & strength of our body, so there is no need to consult your doctor. In certain diseases like Diabetic, Cardic, Gout, Cancer, you are free to consult your doctor but these diets in any case will help the patient for better health.

From what age can Herbaldiets can be started?

Herbaldiets are designed for different age groups from pregnant mothers, children’s to elderly persons.

How long should these diets are to be taken, Will it form any Habit?

The moment you feel your deficiency has been overcome and starts feeling healthy, you can discontinue it. These diets are natural Herbaldiets so these have all benefits on the body. There is no question of any addiction or side effects.

Why do doctors generally not promote these diets?

Doctors generally promote treatment but in case they feel any deficiency or weakness in the patient, they do recommend these diets.

Does the company have any approval from any food or drug department?

Yes, Herbaldiets are approved by Ayurvedic Department, Chandigarh, Punjab.

Why are these products not available through local retailers?

People need Knowledge, Individual intention, Guidance and follow-ups about natural way of Healthy Life. Herbalways Diets has opted to promote these diets through face to face presentations and public seminars, so these products are sold direct to the customers.