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Product Type: CARDILIFE (500 GM.)

Product Model: HERBAL1234594

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Specification :

  1. The problem of heart disease rises in the event of narrowing or hardening of the arteries of their getting plugged with fatty substances, the flow of blood is restricted. The heart does not get sufficient oxygen.
  2. The basic cause of heart disease are wrong dietary habits, faulty life style and various stresses.
  3. HERBALDIETS CARDILIFE has been designed special formulation to strengthen heart muscles and regulate smooth blood supplies.
  4. The most important herbal extract of Arjuna has been included for cleaning of arteries.
  5. Herbs like Methi, Garlic, Dal chini are best added quality of this diet for improving cardiac strength.
  6. Brahmi is very important herb stimulant for heart.
  7. Herbs like Jeera and Dhania are known as treatment for blood pressure.
  8. This formulation works as proper diet for heart and cleans all obstacles for blood supply to the heart.
  9. For obese people it is very important to loose weight and also stable blood pressure is to be maintained.
  10. Herbaldiets recommends NONIDYTE PREMIUM as best tonic for heart along with CARDILIFE to improve smooth working of heart.

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