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WT-LOS DYTE (S.F)(500 GM.)

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WT-LOS DYTE (S.F) (500 GM.) 

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Product Type: WT-LOS DYTE (S.F)(500 GM.)

Product Model: HERBAL1234602

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WT-LOS DYTE (S.F) (500 GM.) 

Specification :

  1. Obesity occurs when excessive deposit or storage of fat in tissues due to either excess food or high calorie food.
  2. Obesity can occur at any stage in either sex depending on what you eat and what you consume and also sedentary habits and life styles.
  3. Today's life style has created havoc to even young people by way of giving obesity through junk food.
  4. Herbaldiet has formulated through skilled, experience, technical, scientific research for highly specialised formulation for developing and promoting life styles and to prevent future side effects of obesity.
  5. Serious health hazard like heart problems, kidneys, liver, joints, diabetes, blood pressure are so many problems.
  6. Herbaldiet has designed Wt-los Dyte as a dietary complete and safest method for weight loss. Elimination of excess calorie, fat deposited is the only scientific method. Wt-los Dyte has essential nutrients, low calorie with herbal formulation helpful for weight loss as the best combination to lose weight, gain health.
  7. Herbaldiets WT-LOS DYTE should be used with ALOE DYTE and NONIDYTE PREMIUM.

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