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FEMOPOSE-P (S.F)(300 GM.) 

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Product Type: FEMOPOSE-P (S.F)(300 GM.)

Product Model: HERBAL1234566

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FEMOPOSE-P (S.F)(300 GM.) 

Specification :

  1. HERBALDIETS FEMOPOSE is the perfect Menopose Diet. Menopose is the perfectly normal event occurs in the mid or late forties, if properly taken care of diet. It signifies the end of female reproductive period of life.
  2. Herbaldiets Femopose diet will take care about endocrine glands like thyroid and pituitary.
  3. This herbal formulation has soy protein extracts which will replace estrogen required for female body.
  4. This menopose diet will balance and take care about hot flashes and night sweats.
  5. This diet will take care about nervous tension and will work and mood elevator.
  6. Menopose diet will take care menstrual disorders.
  7. During menopose females loose interest in sex, which this diet will help to keep the body fit.
  8. Irritability and depression are typical symptoms of menopose, this diet is very helpful for these symptoms.
  9. Backache, fatigue, palpitation, diginess, headache, numbness are also common symptoms, which this diet has properties with herbal formulations to take off.
  10. This diet works as anti aging diet during and after menopose.
  11. Use with ALOEDYTE and NONIDYTE-P for best results.

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