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MC LIFE (300 GM.)

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MC LIFE (300 GM.) 

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Product Type: MC LIFE (300 GM.)

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MC LIFE (300 GM.) 

Specification :

  1. The menstrual flow is connected with female function of ovulation. It is provision of nature to cleanse the inner surface of the womb and enables reproduction to take place normal. The flow normally lasts for about four days and has a rhythm of 28 days.
  2. HERBALDIETS MC LIFE has been designed to maintain normal menstrual flow and minimize pain.
  3. It is helpful to regulate normal menstruation and excessive menstruation.
  4. The most menstrual disorders are caused by nutritional deficiency and improper metabolism of the female sex hormones.
  5. Pain starting 2 or 3 days before the flow shows ovaries are not functioning properly, MC LIFE perfect diet to help and regulate functioning.
  6. Pain immediately before the flow indicates uterine flexion due to thin and lose of internal fat and ligament, proper diet is required to strengthen womb.
  7. HERBALDIET recommends proper diet for female to meet various disorders by improving woman's health and toxic conditions by adding ALOEDYTE and NONIDYTE along with MC LIFE, perfect diet combination.

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