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Product Type: ASTHAMAGO DYTE (300 GM.)

Product Model: HERBAL1234568

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Specification :

  1. Asthma patients mainly suffers from breathing problems. Actually they have more trouble in exhaling then inhaling because air passages become clogged and constructed with mucus. All asthmatic have more difficulty at night specially during sleep.
  2. HERBALDIET ASTHAMAGO has been designed as a natural diet to treat asthma consists of stimulating the functioning of slack execrating organs, adopting appropriate diet pattern to eliminate morbid matter and reconstruct the body.
  3. It helps in allergic conditions from reactions of the system to the weather, food, drugs, perfumes, dust, wheat dust, animal hair, fungi and insects specially cockroaches.
  4. This diet will help abnormal body chemistry involving enzymes or defect in muscular action within the lungs.
  5. This diet will through mucus out and bring respiratory infections normal.
  6. Patient should not eat heavy diet like fried, eat in little qualitites and should avoid rice, cured which produced phlegm.
  7. Herbaldiet recomendes Noni dyte premium, Koffdyte along with Asthmago diet for complete building process of the body, protect from allergies and infections.

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