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Product Type: MOTHERLIFE-P (300 GM.)

Product Model: HERBAL1234589

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Specification :

  1. Pregnancy is a physiological state which mother gives birth to the child so that the progeny of man continues.
  2. Childbirth, in the normal way should be purely natural function with very little pain or discomfort.
  3. Many civilized women appear to find the bearing of children a task fraught with grave risk, but if taken care properly they can deliver normal child.
  4. Healthy mothers always have an easy time when pregnant.
  5. Pregnancy makes many demands on the prospective mother the most important her nutritional need and those of unborn child.
  6. Women during pregnancy shows a definite relationship between the diet of the mother and the condition of the baby at birth.
  7. Herbaldiets MOTHERDYTE has been designed as a proper diet supplement for mother, having painless childbirth and giving birth to healthy baby. MOTHERDYTEis also very important during lactation period when mother is giving her own diet to the child.

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